Photos of a baptism

An Orthodox baptism is quite different from a Catholic one. The idea might be the same but the process differs in a few significant ways. Want to learn more? Read on... ...more

Photos of a wedding

Some time ago, I had the chance to take photos at a friend’s wedding. You might have heard how stressful wedding photography can be. Well, I was lucky. I was only there as a second photographer, so I could happily take my photos without worrying too much and also learn a lot by watching the professional photographer. ...more

Photography as meditation

To those who have not delved into photography, any relevance to meditation might at first seem vague or even non-existent, since the former seems to be focusing outwards, towards what is happening around the photographer, and the latter to be focusing inwards, towards the meditator's state of being. However, this is only part of the truth and anyone who has spent time with their camera in hand, waiting to capture a memorable moment, knows that meditating and taking photographs have a lot in common. ...more

Photographing Venice

Anything said about Venice is bound to be a repetition. People from all over the world have been loving it and praising it for centuries. There is little, if any, that has been left unsaid. So on the days leading to my trip to Venice, I was full of anticipation and high expectations. Not surprisingly, I was not disappointed. ...more