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My impresion...

I like very much this web. Specially the idea that every picture has a history...This is a nice topic to start to write posts in the blog, in my opinion.
Perhaps it is a good idea to insert a link to pinterest where you should have a space. Try it!
Also to have another links to face and so on so that I can tell my friends I have visit your web and I like you know what I mean?

Every picture is a story

I am thrilled to discover this work: it makes me feel that photography can be real Art without any hesitation. Not easy in a time where pictures flood our daily life. Exceptional! Please go on!
Giorgos Petrou

Amazing Experience

It's amazing how feelings can float from these pictures. For a moment I thought I was standing next to you, taking those shots. You trully moved me. Congratulations
Matina K

What a fantastic selection!

Wow! You have really moved me, my friend! The selection of photos is so evocative of yourself that it's impossible not to recognise your style, if one knows you a little bit. The ability to express your soul and thoughts through a form of art is very rare, and it's proper to true artists only. Congratulations from deep in my heart, and thank you for all the emotions!